PngMaterialReplacer.cs - A solution for image handling in Unity3D

Unity3D - I love the ease of multi-platform development, but as the name implies, it neglects its 2D tools. Considering the rise of Unity Engine for mobile gaming, this is totally unacceptable. A true oversight - one that we will correct today - is handing Textures, the 2D images that are a core element of almost every game ever created.

Dwarf Madness

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Our latest and greatest Xbox game, Dwarf Madness, is a twin-stick shooter like no other! Instead of just fighting off endless zombies, you must focus on staying alive to collect Gold Coins to get a Global High Score!

The Coins you collect across all your matches are spent to upgrade your 5 different Guns through 4 strength levels, plus you can eventually buy over 10 enchanted items that make you faster, stronger, and even more invincible! You need all the help you can get because there are no recovery items so each game only lasts as long as you do.

Flippin' Shadows

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Our latest game Flippin' Shadows is a free-for-all, point-collecting, multiplayer competition, fun for all ages! It combines the perplexity of a matching game, the mystery of a guessing game, and the rush of a timed challenge and combines it with fun for up to 4 players! Guess correctly and quickly to beat your opponents. But be careful, choose incorrectly and you'll lose points!

Flip Cup

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Our latest drinking game Flip Cup was inspired by our two other Xbox drinking games, Drinkards and Drinkards Beer Pong. It brings the unpredictable fun of 3D physics and combines it with drinking fun for up to 40 players.

For the uninitiated, the rules are simple: just Chug your drink and Flip the cup over. We designed gameplay to be one-handed, so you can chug along as you frantically press the A,B,X,Y buttons. You'll need that drink handy also when you miss your flip and take a Penalty Drink - sometimes you'll even make your whole team drink!

Fiskal Clif

keyword: "xbox bing: fiscal cliff"

Our first title of 2013, Fiskal Clif begins our attempt at the #OneGameAMonth challenge. We put you, a cat named Fiskal Clif, on a race against the bankruptcy of your company, the United Salesmen of Automobiles (U.S.A.).

Watch out for Tax and Sequestration items, but collect Inflation and Stim-Ups to go faster and faster, because more money appears the faster you're driving. But don't let it get out of hand, or you'll go flying off of the cliff, ending your publicity stunt for good - unless you're carrying a bible, that is!

Drinkards Beer Pong

keyword: "xbox bing: drinkards"

What would you expect from the minds that made Drinkards? More drinking, of course!

So allow me to introduce our next game: Drinkards Beer Pong

Download NOW on Xbox LIVE Indie Games!


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Introducing 3D-struction, the newest and best thing to come from The Unallied. It takes the ball-on-blocks gameplay formula to the third dimension with a technological leap into Stereoscopic 3D.

With single- and two-player, over 30 levels, and support for every 3D setup we can find, this will be without a doubt the easiest 400 MSP you've ever let go. Also, you can play without 3D glasses, and enjoy our mind-bending puzzles all the same.

Snowball Showdown

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It has 2 to 4-player split-screen combat. It has 2 to 20-player online LIVE and System Link matches. With six unique winter weapons and five large maps, Snowball Showdown is the best value in online shooters.

Grab your snow shooter and come join the fight! For just 80 MSP ($1) you will be able to play local, system link, and LIVE matches in this cute third-person-shooter. Using dual-analog controls, outwit and outgun your opponents to reach the target score, or compete for high score in a given time interval.


keyword: "xbox bing: drinkards"

Happy 2014! Try out Drinkards: To Go! right now in your desktop or mobile browser!

We love this game - and we should, we made it.
A crown jewel of debauchery, Drinkards invites up to 30 players to compete for drinking glory! All players share one controller, which is passed around players in a circle. On a player's turn, he or she draws a Card, then takes a Sobriety Test.

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is The Unallied's second release, coming out days after Garrett the Slug. In this action-puzzler you must match colored blocks into rectangular regions of 2x2 or larger. Clearing more blocks at once will increase your score more rapidly.

Every million points you will hear "OH SNAP!!" as your playing field transforms into something new. When it seems you are about to lose, activate the gravity warp to open up new possibilities! Oh Snap! has local high scores, so you can track your best games and challenge friends and family. See who has the greatest right to stand up and shout "Oh Snap!"


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