Drinkards Beer Pong

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What would you expect from the minds that made Drinkards? More drinking, of course!

So allow me to introduce our next game: Drinkards Beer Pong

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This game features everything you would want from a quality Beer Pong simulation. Not only is D.B.P. the only Beer Pong video game with full 3D physics, but it supports 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 games, including the ability to play on Xbox LIVE. Customize your own House Rules to fit your style, and select from different unlockable venues and 25+ custom tables!

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If you have a 3D-TV or Red/Blue glasses, make sure to check out 3D-struction where you'll find a code to unlock a 3D mode in DBP!

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
WANNA PARTY!? Drinkards' Beer Pong starts one faster than tequila! Challenge the computer or your friends, locally or on Xbox LIVE. Compete in 3 unique rooms and unlock 25 custom tables. Or work it on our global High Scores lists. So come on and GET IT IN! Call your crew! Pop some bottles! It's BEER PONG O'CLOCK! Don't get carried away tho - play our beirut simulation responsibly.


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More details about Drinkards Beer Pong will be added regularly, so stay tuned! Look for it on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

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