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Happy 2014! Try out Drinkards: To Go! right now in your desktop or mobile browser!

We love this game - and we should, we made it.
A crown jewel of debauchery, Drinkards invites up to 30 players to compete for drinking glory! All players share one controller, which is passed around players in a circle. On a player's turn, he or she draws a Card, then takes a Sobriety Test.

There are over 120 different Cards! Some ask the player who drew it to perform a feat of strength or intellect (such as counting to 20 in another language), while others require full group participation and deal drinks to the best or worst of you (such as making the longest-haired player drink).

The Sobriety Test serves a yardstick of drinking progress, and each player takes it at the end of his or her turn. The controls are simple - using the two thumbsticks, move your fingers to your nose in the middle of the screen - but as you continue to play (and drink) it will get much harder.

At the end of the game the player with the lowest BAC, as determined by the Sobriety Tests, is declared the Winner. But everyone wins when you play Drinkards ;)

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Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
Drinkards is the hot new drinking game! Bring your favorite drinks, then start drawing cards. The cards dictate who must drink. Try to stay sober though, or you'll quickly start failing the Sobriety Test -- and lowest BAC wins! Up to 30 players can use 1 controller, so invite everyone! This game is for players above the legal drinking age only. Always drink responsibly.

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