Dwarf Madness

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Our latest and greatest Xbox game, Dwarf Madness, is a twin-stick shooter like no other! Instead of just fighting off endless zombies, you must focus on staying alive to collect Gold Coins to get a Global High Score!

The Coins you collect across all your matches are spent to upgrade your 5 different Guns through 4 strength levels, plus you can eventually buy over 10 enchanted items that make you faster, stronger, and even more invincible! You need all the help you can get because there are no recovery items so each game only lasts as long as you do.

Hey! There's a PC Demo of Dwarf Madness for you to try before you buy! Check here for details.

Bring friends and play up to 4-Player local co-op! The "Zombis" (because Dwarves don't understand silent 'E's) will cower before your Dwarven attack squad, while you amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams! We also include a Daily, Weekly, and All-Time Global High Score list for every type of 1P, 2P, 3P, or 4P game, so there is a new challenge to beat every time you play! Finally, you can see how the Coins you collect over your career compare to other Dwarves with the Total Coins list, on a nifty bar chart!

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
It's Dwarf Madness! A Zombi infestation forced Dwarves to leave their home of Dwyll and all the Gold they stored there, 300 years ago. Today, 4 Dwarves with Guns head back to Dwyll to take back what is theirs, and paint the walls with Zombi blood! 1-4 player Co-Op has multiple upgradable Guns and lots of enchanted Gear - but you'll need enough Gold to buy it first!

Get the free trial of Dwarf Madness now, and start building your fortune on a mountain of Zombi corpses!



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