Dwarf Madness: PC Demo

As you may know, we are running a Kickstarter for Super Dwarf Madness, based on our Xbox 360 title Dwarf Madness. To give you even more Madness to tell your friends about, today we debut the free PC Demo of Dwarf Madness! The demo will allow some people who could not play the Xbox 360 version to experience the joy of Dwarves, Gold, Guns, and Zombis, but because Dwarf Madness was built on Microsoft's XNA, the demo only runs on Windows. Also be aware that the demo, compared to the Xbox 360 version, lacks Global High Scores and Story.

In the Demo you will start off with all Level 1 Guns, a Golden Dowsing Rod to find Coins easily, and we even gave you some Coins to spend on upgrades. You can play single-player or enjoy local co-op if you have extra controllers (and friends)! Hard Mode will be unlocked after you collect a few dozen Gold Coins, to make sure you're ready for its terror.

Playing the Game:
Make sure your Windows installation is up-to-date before running the game. To play, simply download the .zip file which, once extracted, will work straight from the folder you extracted it in. Go into that folder and run "DwarfMadness.exe" (it has a Dwarf icon).

Fullscreen Mode:
Dwarf Madness starts in a Windowed mode. In the Settings Menu, you can change to Fullscreen.

Tips, Advice:
Here are some tips to keep in mind while playing the game:

  1. You have five Guns with unlimited ammo so always keep shooting in front of you.
  2. Don't be a hero! You only need to kill Zombis when they are blocking you from a Coin. Avoid putting yourself in big fights with enemies, as this will only hurt you and your High Score.
  3. Don’t always rely on the Coin finder. If you watch where the coins drop, you can sometimes plan out a better and easier route to pick up the Coins.
  4. Use the Zoom control to get a better sense of your surroundings, but be aware you move slower while doing this.
  5. Having more players is fun, but be careful because you share lives. To get the most Coins, work as a team to keep each other alive.
  6. When an enemy dies, there is a random chance that it will drop a chest that gives you Bonus Coins to buy upgrades! You don’t need these chests to progress to the next round, but upgrades help you survive longer.

This game is built to played with a controller so we urge you to use one. If you do not have one, then you will have to use Keyboard-only controls as follows. No in-game controls are provided for Keyboard, we strongly suggest using an Xbox or other compatible controller.

  • WASD and Up/Down/Left/Right provide virtual twin-stick control (Move and Fire).
  • Left-Ctrl adjusts your Zoom.
  • Esc opens the Pause menu. In all Menus, Up/Down changes selection, Enter or Spacebar selects, and Esc backs out of the Menu.

Feel free to leave feedback or ask questions in the Comments below. We hope you enjoy Dwarf Madness PC Demo!