Fiskal Clif

keyword: "xbox bing: fiscal cliff"

Our first title of 2013, Fiskal Clif begins our attempt at the #OneGameAMonth challenge. We put you, a cat named Fiskal Clif, on a race against the bankruptcy of your company, the United Salesmen of Automobiles (U.S.A.).

Watch out for Tax and Sequestration items, but collect Inflation and Stim-Ups to go faster and faster, because more money appears the faster you're driving. But don't let it get out of hand, or you'll go flying off of the cliff, ending your publicity stunt for good - unless you're carrying a bible, that is!

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
Fiskal Clif is the Cat to save the U.S. of A! Drive your prototype AmeriCar along a cliff of certain doom, where you earn more Money the faster you go! How much fiscal risk will you assume? Try to set your best Global High Score and earn enough cash to unlock helpful items and Medals of Honor! Driving this car may be a worse job than working for Congress, but only you can prevent a default!

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