Flip Cup

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Our latest drinking game Flip Cup was inspired by our two other Xbox drinking games, Drinkards and Drinkards Beer Pong. It brings the unpredictable fun of 3D physics and combines it with drinking fun for up to 40 players.

For the uninitiated, the rules are simple: just Chug your drink and Flip the cup over. We designed gameplay to be one-handed, so you can chug along as you frantically press the A,B,X,Y buttons. You'll need that drink handy also when you miss your flip and take a Penalty Drink - sometimes you'll even make your whole team drink!

The fastest team to clear all of their cups wins, and everyone can see how many drinks were drunk. Finish the party by taking a few fun bonus drinks, based on your game results. This experience will add life to any party! Get the free trial download on your xbox today.

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Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
Flip Cup is a great drinking game - just Chug and Flip. Designed for one-handed play, you can hold your beverage while chugging and taking penalty or bonus drinks. Have a party - drink with up to 40 players on 4 different teams. From Drinkards to Beer Pong we have crafted the finest drinking games on Xbox and this is no exception. Supports splitscreen and full screen to share controllers. Get it!

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