Flippin' Shadows

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Our latest game Flippin' Shadows is a free-for-all, point-collecting, multiplayer competition, fun for all ages! It combines the perplexity of a matching game, the mystery of a guessing game, and the rush of a timed challenge and combines it with fun for up to 4 players! Guess correctly and quickly to beat your opponents. But be careful, choose incorrectly and you'll lose points!

For those just starting out, the rules are simple: Watch the shadow flippin' on the screen, and choose the object that you think matches. After you've completed half of your rounds, you can earn double points! and each game ends with the lightning round. During the lightning round the first person to answer is the only one to get points, so don't waste any time!

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
Light-hearted competition that's great for friends or family, and a great party game. Watch the shadow of a moving object cast upon a curtain, and try to choose from 4 possible items quicker than opponents. Double-point and Lightning rounds spice things up so anyone could have the most points when the flipping is done! Play with up to 4 players or CPU opponents, in multiple unlockable game modes.

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