Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is The Unallied's second release, coming out days after Garrett the Slug. In this action-puzzler you must match colored blocks into rectangular regions of 2x2 or larger. Clearing more blocks at once will increase your score more rapidly.

Every million points you will hear "OH SNAP!!" as your playing field transforms into something new. When it seems you are about to lose, activate the gravity warp to open up new possibilities! Oh Snap! has local high scores, so you can track your best games and challenge friends and family. See who has the greatest right to stand up and shout "Oh Snap!"

Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
Oh Snap! All you gotta do is match the same color blocks. Get rectangles of the same color and they disappear (OH SNAP!). Get 1,000,000 points and level up! Go for the High Score... Oh Snap!

NEW! Oh Snap! is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a price cut! Now available for just 80 MSP ($1). What are you waiting for?
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Rave Reviews!
"...an awesome match 3 puzzle game with fun shifting gravity mechanics..."
- Patch, http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=44066#p1980396