SUPER DWARF MADNESS - Kickstarter Reloaded!

In Nov. 2012, our Kickstarter for Super Dwarf Madness ended unsuccessfully, and we vowed to learn from our mistakes and give it another try.

That time is now. Check out the new and improved Super Dwarf Madness on Kickstarter, and please show your support today! Wait, you don't know about SDM?? It's all about...

  • Dwarves with Guns, determined to stop the evil Summoner and reclaim their underground kingdom!
  • Twin-stick, Action-RPG Shooter madness, with tons of different worlds, weapons, gear, and magic.
  • Randomly-Generated Maps, from spacious caverns to tight and winding mazes.
  • Multiplayer - Online and splitscreen campaign missions, cooperative raids, and competitive Versus.
Whoo! Time since the Kickstarter  was funded:  
0 minutes.

We have not one, not two, but three free demos to convince you it is worth your pledge! Our fans already know about Dwarf Madness on Xbox 360, but did you know there's a free PC Demo version at Also I hope you have already gotten to try Dwarf Madness: Heroes of Dwyll, in your browser or on your smartphone, for a fun single-player shooter experience. The most recent demo is arguably the best though - the SDM Demo features online multiplayer, voice chat, customizable Dwarves, and randomly-generated maps! And that's just the start of what the final Super Dwarf Madness will offer.

If we convinced you this game will be awesome, please back us before we run out of time and the game cannot be made!

Finally, remember that this game can only be made with a community supporting it, so please share us with your communities!! (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) And thank you so much for doing so!