Snowball Showdown

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It has 2 to 4-player split-screen combat. It has 2 to 20-player online LIVE and System Link matches. With six unique winter weapons and five large maps, Snowball Showdown is the best value in online shooters.

Grab your snow shooter and come join the fight! For just 80 MSP ($1) you will be able to play local, system link, and LIVE matches in this cute third-person-shooter. Using dual-analog controls, outwit and outgun your opponents to reach the target score, or compete for high score in a given time interval.

Snowball Showdown appeals to gamers old and new, casual and hardcore. Its weapons have been meticulously balanced for fairness, and the charming cartoon graphics will bring a smile to faces young and old.

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Xbox LIVE Marketplace Description:
Snowball Showdown pits you against friends and the world! A charming top-down multiplayer shooter that provides the excitement of a snowball fight no matter what the weather is like outside! With Quick and Private game modes, Xbox LIVE play and multiplayer splitscreen, this is the "coolest" shooter around. At just 80 MSP, Snowball Showdown is also one of the best values in competitive gaming!

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