New Year 2014 Update

Hello friends! The busiest time of the year is finally behind us, and I am excited to look ahead at 2014. Today we will discuss recent and upcoming projects at The Unallied, but because of a lack of time the details will be a bit sparse. Keep checking the unblog for future posts on each of the following topics!

Realignment of Strategy. The end of 2013 ushered in a new console generation and with it, an exodus of gamers from the Xbox 360. This was inevitable, of course, and in response I must devote less time to the platform. As long as Drinkards, DBP, and Flip Cup continue to sell and have an active community, I'll do my best to keep improving them. Likewise, I still have some plans for Dwarf Madness before that game is considered done. All of our other Xbox 360 titles are now considered unsupported.

Forgetting the bad news, remember that the time shifted away from Xbox 360 will support new endeavors. Currently my development plan has two branches: Mobile and Everything Else. I will be concurrently developing my Javascript and Web skills with new, smaller games, while at the same time, attempting to produce more large-scale titles, faster, with Unity. Unity allows a game to be rapidly prototyped and deployed to many platforms - all PCs, Consoles, and most Mobile devices.

By making my high-end games with Unity, I can experiment more easily as a designer, and by still making Javascript games (like Dwarf Madness: Heroes of Dwyll) I can stay ahead of new techniques, markets, and devices.

Projects. In 2013 I completed 12 games in 12 months, as part of the One Game A Month challenge. These games were highly varied in scope, audience, platform, and style, and I had a lot of fun experimenting. Now it's time for me to focus more directly on less projects, so I will spend the beginning of the year working near-exclusively on Dwarf Madness and Drinkards. The relaunched Kickstarter for Super Dwarf Madness will be the first focus, including a prototype built in Unity. During any free time, and more heavily after the campaign, I'll be working to bring the Drinkards franchise to the masses, in the form of a mobile Drinkards app. So far, Drinkards: To Go! is my living proof-of-concept.

Changes to The Unallied. This is the most up-in-the-air part of the plan, but in 2014 we want to rebrand ourselves in a big way. Even the name "The Unallied" is a relic of years ago when I was making games alone in a closet for Xbox 360 only. Now my fans, friends, testers, and others form an oxymoronic "Alliance of The Unallied" and so something must change. We may move away from the name altogether, or we may just spin it as something ironic like in the previous sentence. Our hope is to also create a better website that encourages you to give feedback, start discussions, make friends, and more.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and let us know!