Super Dwarf Madness - A Journey Begins

The Unallied is back from the harrowing trial that was our Super Dwarf Madness Kickstarter, and now we're ready to start kicking Super Dwarf Madness into production! It was an amazing ride through the last few days of fundraising, and I'm so thrilled that our Backers have enabled us to keep making this fun and unique game.

New Heroes of Dwyll concepts.

Today I will lay out our roadmap for the next 8 weeks. This timetable will get us to the Alpha stage by the end of May, at which point we can start getting player feedback and planning for the Beta.

We have just set up a new community for all Super Dwarf Madness news at We will release periodical Kickstarter Updates throughout development, but we will be sharing much more information on this community portal - including exclusive details only found in the Backers-Only forum.

Over the next week, the community portal will continue to be updated, but we cannot work past Wednesday, in preparation for PAX East. The main functions of the portal are already working, but we have a few more User Experience features to add. We also can't wait to get our Backers' Credits page live, so everyone who made this happen can start getting to know each other.

Next week backend development starts. The main things to tackle here are server-side character saving/loading, linking you to your friends' characters, and setting up online parties with friends or strangers.

After the infrastructure is ready, we can start building our Dwarf Editor and new map system. We will also be building the Central Plaza of Dwyll as soon as we can, since this will be the hub to all the different activities in Super Dwarf Madness, whether you are Questing, Raiding, or looking for a Versus battle. Francis is already working on new assets, like the Dwarves you see above, so once I can start coding things should fall into place fairly quickly.

Once we get these core features working, we will spend the remainder of the month, and next month, building out the upgrade system and preparing a few example Quests, Versus Maps, and Raids. After all that, it's up to our community to give us feedback on where we should focus our energy.

There is a lot to do, but if we keep listening to our early players, we can keep our priorities aligned with yours and make the best Super Dwarf Madness possible!