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The Unallied was founded in 2008 so that Callen Shaw could release Xbox Indie Games. Over the years he collaborated with many artists and game enthusiasts, but generally works as a solo development operation. After finding small success with the hit drinking game Drinkards, The Unallied began a path toward becoming a full indie game studio. This involved expanding the Drinkards line with Drinkards Beer Pong and Flip Cup by Drinkards, as well as experimental projects like 3D-struction, a stereoscopic 3D game which works on standard screens with Red/Blue glasses or full 3DTV systems.

Recently, The Unallied gained a voice to speak our message, in the form of Jacob. As an experienced organizer and promoter of other successful indie games, his insight and people-skills are rapidly expanding awareness of our awesome games. Jacob brings with him years of experience coordinating events for his group Gaming In Public, including Indies Need Booze, a social event for indie game enthusiasts following PAX East.

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